What I do:

  • Photography
  • Aerial photography (special request)
  • Videography (special request)
  • Creative marketing consultation


I work with a variety of clients seeking visual documentation of buildings and spaces, including architecture firms, real estate agents, interior designers, and contractors. My photography has been featured in the following publications:


I’m drawn to patterns, high contrasts, storytelling juxtapositions, and small details that make up a whole. I prefer to rely on natural light to highlight how design interacts with light, motion, and people. My background is editorial so my photographs tend to have an editorial quality, and I like to find narratives in the spaces I document, giving structures character and depth. I strive to find fresh and personal views of my client’s projects and try to show how spaces have been designed for interaction, often incorporating motion and highlighting settings, textures, and patterns.


I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over a decade, including a stint as an editorial and music photographer. I currently live in Forest Knolls, California, with my wife and two children, but I’m a native of the Skagit River Valley in Washington’s Puget Sound. I believe my rural upbringing, the companionship of my three siblings, and the creative influence of my parents have led me to both my profession and my passion for capturing the beauty of the world around me in photographs.

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